#GOALSTHESHOW | Jill & Ida | Ida’s Power Garnishes

Power Garnishes
for cereal, yogurt, ricotta, oatmeal, smoothies, Acai bowls, salads
For their super nutritional benefits:
• Hemp seeds/hemp hearts- omega 3 fatty acids (the good fat) for
heart health, protein (complete & slightly more that flax & chia), fiber (in whole with shell, not hearts) & lots of minerals- store air tight in fridge
• Flax seeds- omega 3 fatty acids (the good fat) for heart health, protein & fiber, used to replace eggs in vegan recipes, can be bought ground for easier digestion- store air tight & dark cabinet
• Chia seeds- super high in fiber, feel full because absorption & expands in stomach, omega 3 fatty acids (the good fat) for heart health, protein, digestion, inflammation, easy to digest, best soaked but if not drink lots of water- store air tight & dark cabinet
• Bee pollen- reduce inflammation, boost immune system, natural allergy relief if used before the season and continued regularly to desensitize- store air tight & dark cabinet or fridge
• Cacao nibs- antioxidants (more than wine & blueberries), magnesium for muscle & nerve function, fiber, roasted cocoa beans not to be confused with plain cocoa which is processed & has added sugars- store air tight & dark cabinet or fridge
• Cinnamon-antioxidants and lots of flavor
• Nutritional yeast- B vitamins (which vegans & vegetarians should
make sure to get enough of), protein, savory cheesy flavor for salads or popcorn- store air tight & dark cabinet or fridge
For flavor that’s very good for you too (fiber & healthy fats):
• Sesame seeds
• Pumpkin seeds
• Sunflower seeds
• Unsweetened coconut
• Raw nuts
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Golden Radiance

yellow_dressyellow dress detail

Fashion illustration of a dress I want very much, but I don’t know how to sew. The original illustration and prints with actual glitter included are available! Message me to get yours~

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Riveting Style

scarlet web

screen shot web

“Rivet”ing! Get it?! Haha…

Another fashion sketch. Been cranking these out while the little one naps…within a half hour or so. Original and closeup detail.

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New Sketchbook = New Doodles!


self portrait winter

mermaid wip

Got a new, cheap watercolor sketchbook which has been pushing and inspiring me to do more color illustrations. I’m messing with watercolor pencils mostly since they’re more portable. I also invested in lots of new paper and brushes to do some higher quality paint work. Looking forward to a free day to experiment…almost at the end of a very intense deadline season!


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