5 Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Designer

As creatives, we often find ourselves on the hamster wheel of working long hours, pouring our heart and soul into projects, and losing track of what it’s all for. Before improving my business strategy, I found myself often asking: Do I even enjoy it? Was it worth the paycheck? Why am I dreading this next gig? Even after raising my rates to $100/hr, I hit a wall realizing there was no more room for growth. I started implementing new mindsets into my business and not only grew my brand, but became so much happier! After 3 years of practicing these new habits and being more intentional, I can finally say I totally love being a designer and helping my clients on a level I never thought possible. Here are some tips I’d like to share to help you find strategy and fulfillment in your business too…right now!

1. Have a clear goal you’re working toward:

Knowing what the “end game” is for your business will help you make so many decisions with intention, like which client is worth your time, if you should invest in advertising, and what kind of offers and packages to sell. Where do you see your business going? Setting clear long and short term goals will help you make good choices that make sense for you and your business.

2. Know your niche:

Knowing WHO you’re building a business for and how you’re helping your ideal customer through the power of design will help you feel more fulfilled in the work that you do. It also helps when you cater to a certain type of client and industry, because they’ll be able to find you more easily and recognize that you have the skills to help them.

3. Say no to work that holds you back from growth:

You don’t have to take on every gig that falls on your lap. If you focus on opportunities that make sense for your portfolio and will help your dream clients find you and book you, you’ll continue the cycle of attracting the type of work that makes you happy! When we take on anything and everything, it’s hard for potential clients to figure out what it is we actually do and how we can help them. Servicing everyone does our business growth a disservice. Work that aligns with your goals will help you grow in so many ways.

4. Focus on serving, not selling:

While generating income for your biz is important, helping your client and getting them results are more important. Feedback and word of mouth are very powerful and will help you grow your reputation and client base quickly. Truly being there for your client will make you feel really good about your job too. My heart swells with pride when I see my clients succeed!

5. Make time for you:

A quick walk in between meetings, a little “splurge reward” after booking a big project, making time for bathroom breaks and meals are not just “self care” but important habits to keep you healthy and motivated. Make sure you take care of yourself. When you’re a freelancer it’s your job to look out for you because no one else will.

How many of these are you incorporating into your business habits now? If you’re finding it difficult to set goals and stay focused, my Brand with Intention Workbook will help keep you in check. Grab your downloadable copy and take action TODAY! Then let me know how much your business has grown!

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