You can achieve

I believe in miracles.
I also believe in hard work.
Determination, Passion, and Grit.

Hi, I’m Michelle! You might have found me while searching for solutions and strategies to launch a business, and doing it right. Good news…you’re in the right place! I’m super passionate and devoted to helping mompreneurs (and everyone in between) launch a business with intention to make more sales and earn more time. While I call myself a branding strategist and coach, I’m really just a girl who wants to see you succeed, and will do what it takes to get you there!

I launched my own business in 2009, hoping to make something of myself despite the fact that The Great Recession was going on. Job opportunities were scarce, and I pivoted from comic book artist to graphic designer because I saw the demand.

While I was always busy, I learned that being busy isn’t the goal. I lacked fulfillment in my job. By 2021, I was working from home full-time, raising a family, and was just getting by. My paycheck was based on how many hours I was putting in, and the excitement of my career died…

But then, I rebranded My business.
I even rebranded myself.

After years of believing that I’m “just a graphic designer,” and could never be anything more, I made a conscious decision to throw that limiting belief out the window. With zero business experience, I branded myself as who I always dreamed of being; A CEO and leader running a successful branding business. And just like that, I started running my business differently. Intentionally. And the results came quickly. I hit my first $100k year, got my clients amazing results, and recognized that I could do anything if I set my mind to it…

and I'm here to prove that you can, too.


I connect with fellow mamas who are seeking purpose and rediscovering what they’re passionate about outside of taking care of a family or being strapped to a 9-5. When we work together, I encourage you to dream big, and we get straight to taking action to make that your reality. I know that feeling of wanting to create something that’s yours – a business that you cultivate, pour your creativity into, and can make a difference with – so let’s get the ball rolling and get your idea launched!

designer, my course will show you how to
make $100k success possible for you!