You can achieve

I believe in miracles.
I also believe in hard work.
Determination, Passion, and Grit.

Hi, I’m Michelle! You might have found me while searching for solutions and strategies to rebrand your business, and doing it right. Good news…you’re in the right place! I’m obsessed with helping ambitious high level entrepreneurs rebrand to step into their power and grow a brand with passion and purpose.

I launched my own business in 2009, hoping to make something of myself despite the fact that The Great Recession was going on. Job opportunities were scarce, and I pivoted from well-known comic book artist to graphic designer because I recognized the demand to make businesses better through design.

While I was always busy, I learned that being busy isn’t the goal. I lacked fulfillment in my job and suffered from depression. By 2021, I was working from home full-time, raising a family, and was just getting by. My paycheck was based on how many hours I was putting in, and the excitement of my career died…

But then, I rebranded My business.
I even rebranded myself.

After years of believing that I’m “just a graphic designer,” and could never be anything more, I made a conscious decision to throw that limiting belief out the window. With zero business experience, I branded myself as who I always dreamed of being; A CEO and industry leader running a successful branding business. And just like that, I started running my business differently. Intentionally. And the results came quickly. I hit my first $100k year, got my clients amazing results, and I recognized that I could do anything if I set my mind to it…

and I'm here to prove that you can, too.


I connect with high performing entrepreneurs who are seeking alignment with their brand and are ready to step into their power as a true industry leader. When we work together, I encourage you to dream big, and we get straight to taking action to make that your reality. I know that feeling of wanting to create something that’s yours – a business that you cultivate, pour your creativity into, and can make a difference with – so let’s get you reconnected with you brand again!

designer, my course will show you how to
make $100k success possible for you!