Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. Every class in middle school may as well have been art class because all I did was draw. What other kids called “doodling” in class I called practice. By the time I was in high school I was already an accomplished cartoonist. I created two published comic book series, both of which had a dedicated following. 

Naturally, in college I majored in art and continued to immerse myself in art theory and sequential story telling, winning awards along the way. Then the Great Recession happened in 2008. Suddenly, the entertainment industry wasn’t hiring entry level talent. Despite a near 4.0 GPA, an extensive and award-winning portfolio and glowing recommendations from professors, I struggled to get an internship during my sophomore year. It was bad.

I was heart-broken but not beat. I was determined to find an alternative job in a creative field to pay the bills until an opportunity opened up in the entertainment industry. Reflecting back on that time in my life, it’s almost like business design and branding chose me. It started with a family friend who needed product photography for an ad. Sure, I can do that, sounds cool. An acquaintance needed someone to design a mascot. No problem. Design a website?…OK. Need a whole new brand and logo from scratch? Let’s get started. And they told their friends, who told their their siblings, who told their cousins, who told their pets, who told their…wait. Well, you get the idea. My clients loved how I brought my illustration and storytelling experience to design and market their businesses. Work was rolling in. By my senior year of college, my business had a name – Michelle Mozes: Illustration & Design. I had become a creative director specializing in business branding for businesses small and large. 

Something else happened along the way which I never expected – I absolutely loved business branding strategy and design! Funny thing, my stop-gap job became my calling. I couldn’t be happier.

Nothing brings me more joy than helping my clients achieve success. They come to me with a big dream for their business. We work together to visualize the brand and the dream comes to life. That, my friends, is true magic. I look forward to working with you and enhancing your business branding!

When I first started my business, the design and marketing world was big and intimidating. I want to ease any doubts or fears you might have, and give you the confidence to succeed as a designer. I’m here to guide you. You can follow me on social media and subscribe to the newsletter for free design and marketing tips. I love sharing all the cool stuff I’ve learned with you – we’re all one big creative family here!

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