Align with your branding, attract dream clients.

Raise your rates, create an irresistible offer, and build a memorable brand your audience will want to be a part of. It’s time for your branding to catch up with the unstoppable, incredible version of yourself – the one ready to push past fears and embrace massive growth.

You’re running a “decent” business, and know deep down it has potential to be so much more.

You know you should be charging more, engaging on social media, and getting clearer on your brand, but it’s a lot of work and your time is limited (and sacred!)

I get it, and I don’t expect you to go through it alone.

My group coaching programs offer you accountability, community building, connections, and inspiration. Focus only on the things that will help you grow and filter out all the extra noise.

Achieve your next level, impossible goals and learn how to grow a business at a higher frequency. Experience brand alignment and clarity like never before. Remove whatever is holding you back from growth.

Have You...

  • Felt stuck in scaling your brand?
  • Had dreams bigger than you can hold, but no clear action step to turn it into your reality?
  • Gotten distracted by the noise out there on how to market the “right” way, and feel like you’re wasting time trying the next new thing with zero results?
  • Noticed you love what you do, but some days you’re feeling lost or afraid of taking the next leap in your business?
  • Second-guessed every social media post, wondering if your messaging is reaching the right clients?
  • Had a lot of ideas and not sure which ones to lean into?
  • Held back from raising your rates because you’re scared you’ll lose clients ?

If you're nodding along, you're in good company.

With coaching you will get clear on your goals, develop more targeted messaging, discover your niche, and find your Impactfluence to attract dream clients who see your value! Feel totally aligned with your brand and build customer connection like never before.

Now is the time to step into your power and run your business as the industry leader that you are.

Want to charge more TODAY and build an even more successful business?

Join me for “How to Sell More by Reading Minds” – the ultimate webinar that will teach you how to speak to your dream client, how to position yourself as THE one they can’t resist, and charge what you’re truly worth!

3-Month Coaching Packages

Michellevate 3-Month Coaching Packages

6-Month experience

The Rebrand Mastermind

Rebranding is more than your business designs. It’s about becoming the higher level version of you who knows her worth, generates impact, attracts premium clients, and feels her best ever.

If this is giving your goosebumps and you can clearly envision your epic future self, you are ready to embody your dream rebrand.

Get a full rebrand experience from the inside out. Elevate your mindset, feel connected to your new designs, grow your business. Space is limited to 6 women only.

starting at $850/mo

3-Month experience

Michellevate Private Coaching

Work with Michelle 1:1 to focus on developing core branding, marketing strategy (email, social media, website, etc.), mindset exercise, setting higher goals, creating offers that sell, getting clear on your ideal customer, aligning with your brand values and mission, leaning into your purpose, and increasing your revenue.


3-Month experience

Rebrand x Coaching Package

You’re going to get ahead in your business when you operate at a level where you feel aligned, authentic, and empowered. To get there we need to rebrand. This ultimate combo of the 1:1 coaching package and The Rebrand Suite will help drive you toward your goals faster with a fresh design and perspective.

$4,000/mo or $10,500 paid in full

We're all about support and growth. Michellevate is a coaching experience designed to help you grow, so you never have to feel isolated or question your business decisions.

Michelle is outstanding!! Her depth of knowledge in many aspects to what it takes to build and grow a brand is remarkable. She is with you on the journey from finding your voice/message of your brand, working throughout the process of setting up technical applications and frameworks required for a solid foundation. Aside for the meetings, Michelle’s support went beyond giving over information. Her openness to act as a guide on any issue or question that came up was super helpful. I knew I could count on her expertise and personable rapport to to attain useful advice and feedback.

Pery Phillip,

Experience coaching in just 3 steps



Register for the Michellevate coaching experience



Receive your booking calendar, or Zoom link if you’re in the group



Apply strategies that will increase your revenue and grow your biz

The Michellevate Framework will guide you on how to build a personal brand with intention, find your Impactfluence, create offers that showcase your value, and market with strategy.

When I decided to launch a website offering online workshops to math teachers, I was drowning in marketing, tech, filming, copy, and web design – all areas that have nothing to do with the services I actually offer! I knew within the first session that Michelle would be the motivating force and knowledgeable guide I need to get myself to the finish line. Her marketing knowledge, design skills, and experience with course production are all invaluable resources for me as I build my business. And what makes working with Michelle so wonderful is how invested she is in my success and how genuinely excited she is to see this take off – I feel like I have a go-to cheerleader, and that is truly priceless.

Chanie Hurwitz, Coffee & Pi

You could continue to feel stuck and isolated in the business growth process…or you can have a clear action plan and guidance with lots of cheerleading and support!

No more second-guessing, no more throwing spaghetti at a wall, and no more investing in courses that don’t help! Get a personalized strategy that will help you show up better in your business and earn more!

As a creative, I initially approached Michelle with a plethora of exciting ideas, yet found myself scattered and lacking direction. Through working with Michelle, I gained clarity on my true aspirations, the person I aspire to become, and the legacy I wish to leave behind. Not only have I honed my focus within my business, but I also feel more grounded and authentic in my personal life as well. Michelle possesses a remarkable ability to see the greatness within individuals and believes in their success. She truly wants to see other women thrive and achieve the success they might not even dreamed possible. With Michelle’s guidance, I am confident I will fulfill the purpose Hashem intended for me.

Mushky A.

Michellevate Coaching is perfect for you if…


The Michellevate experience is about to make your business journey feel empowering.

If you’re wishing for a dose of clarity, it’s right here. Let’s kick those doubts to the curb and create a path to success that surrounds your unique abilities and purpose.