Why Are You Doing This?

How often do you get so wrapped up in running your business that you forget why you started it in the first place?

You’re trying to keep up with social media trends (let’s not even get into the Insta-algorithm), you put in the time to respond to customer/client requests, and you’re so entrenched in doing “all the things” that you wonder when you’re gonna grow and not feel like you’re just keeping your head above water…

Ya feel me?

We have a tendency to over complicate our businesses. (I’m guilty of this). We think the MORE we do, the more successful we’ll be. If we just purchased another ad, did another Reel dance, hosted another Webinar, maybe we’ll find growth.

This week, I want you try something new. Before you jump to the next thing that you think will move the needle in your business forward, focus on just this…ask yourself:

“Why did I pursue this business in the first place?”

Take that answer, and use that as the driving force toward the next step. Will the Reel speak to your taget customer and remind her how your product or service serves her, or are you posting because you “had to” for your daily posts?

Are the responses you send to clients intentional and helpful, or rushed and automated?

Did you wake up today thinking that you’ll make it positive and fun, or are you getting dragged back into the motions and it’s just another day?

Your content, or next business move, will align with your why.

We each have a unique why, kind of like a fingerprint. It’s a strong core of our brand. And through working with you, your customers will experience something that they can’t get elsewhere, because the reason you started all this was to help them with your unique story being the driving factor to help them.

What kind of intentional action will you take this week using your why to connect with customers?

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