Top 6 Qualities Your Business Logo Should Have

Here’s my secret recipe for an impactful logo with just 6 ingredients!

Customer Connection: Your logo design should be targeted to your customers and also represent who you are as a brand.

Brand Association: The colors and fonts you use in your logo need to tie into your overall brand design. (Your logo font and the heading font on your website should not be the same, but should complement each other.)

Legible: Every letter in your logo needs to be clear and easy to read, and the word as a whole should be clear upon first sight. First impressions count, and you want your customers to read your business name correctly.

Versatile: A logo is used across many platforms from print to web. Your logo should be able to work on any color background. I create a few versions of a logo: solid and multicolor, and full version and emblem version, when applicable.

Scalable: Imagine your logo large on a billboard, or small on an invoice. Is it clear no matter the size?

Recognizable: The simpler the design, the easier it is for people to recognize and remember you. Too many details and elements are harder to remember.

If you’re unsure if your logo is hitting all these points, contact me so that we can find out how to get on-brand!

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