VIP Designer Mentorship FAQ

Calling all graphic designers!

Are you struggling with finding your strengths? Are you stuck with charging hourly? Do you feel like your own business lacks branding? Need more confidence when pitching a logo design?

I am offering VIP Designer Coaching to graphic designers who need guidance with elevating their business and design skills. This in-depth 1:1 experience covers everything from portfolio reviews, tips on how to run your Instagram page, setting yourself apart from other designers, and more! I will light that fire 🔥 under you to SET GOALS, GROW & SUCCEED!

I remember tacking on endless freelance gigs to my schedule just to hit $3k/month. I would take on any and every job which created a hamster wheel that I didn’t know how to jump off of. Even after 2 years of continuously raising my rates, I saw no major difference in income. It wasn’t until I finally took a step back and rebranded my business that I saw fast and real results. I want to help you run your business efficiently and love what you do!

Here’s more info:

How often do we meet?

1-2 times a week for one month. 6 sessions total.

Where/How can I register?

Fill out the application here and allow 3-5 business days to hear back from me via email. Limited
slots are available each month, so even if you’re undecided, I strongly encourage you to apply as I respond and schedule applications in the order that they’re received.

Are these meetings in person?

No, it’s all virtual using Zoom audio or video. 

How do I know if this is for me? 

This mentorship is for all design skill levels, geared to help designers grow from a stagnant hourly fee, to more schedule flexibility and booking $10k clients. If you’re looking to become a better designer and know your worth, this mentorship is for you!

What can I expect to gain from the sessions?

CONFIDENCE. And learn to…

• Book the right clients for you

• Gain stronger design skills

• Make more money and enjoy what you do

• Work less hours to make time for your personal life

• Raise your rates

• Elevate your own business brand and position yourself in the marketplace to stand out from other designers!

How long is each session?

1 hour, once a week, for 3 weeks.

How often do we meet and how much does it cost?

Coaching consists of three 1-hour sessions and is $650 USD. We schedule these meetings at your convenience and meet 1-2 times a week. (Evening and day time slots available.) I’m available to answer questions via WhatsApp between meetings. Earn more while doing what you love, and work with me to elevate your design skills!

What if I need more than 3 weeks of mentoring and coaching?

Eligible members who would like extra sessions can renew coaching for more time at a discount. We can assess this at the end of the third meeting.

What is the structure of the sessions?

In the first call we discuss what you hope to learn and improve on, and set goals toward success right from the start of the process! We also customize the structure of the following sessions (which can be used however you’d like to use them: redo your Instagram feed, review a project you’re working on, create a template for pitching designs to clients, niching down your clientele, etc.) to make sure there’s constant progress and growth. We do goal check-ins in between via Whatsapp to make sure you’re seeing results and I’m available to guide you through the process!

If I’m in school for design now, and a beginner, can I still have you as a coach?

Yes! All skill levels are welcome! It’s never too early or late to better your freelancing and design skills!

What forms of payment are accepted and when do I pay?

Full payment is processed via Zelle or Venmo upon registration. Payment plans are available.

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