5 Signs of an Anchor Client

Anchor Client – A client you take on that gives you no motivation or satisfaction but it works in the moment, ie. Pays bills, keeps you busy, you’re afraid of a lull in your schedule.

5 signs you’re working with an anchor client:

✨ You mostly feel drained and uninspired about the work

✨ You recognize that you can’t grow your portfolio from this job

✨ The client’s demands always feel high but their standards are usually low (in other words, they just want the job done fast, doesn’t matter how pretty it is)

✨ It feels impossible to move on and quit as badly as you’d like to, because you’re afraid of losing a client, hence you’re “anchored” to it

✨ Client doesn’t value your advice and input as an expert

I’ve mentored designers to help them break up with anchor clients and get jobs they actually love. It’s about developing a mindset that you’re worthy of so much more and growing faith that God will help you get more business you deserve.

You are more than “just paying bills” — you’re a professional who can work with people who truly “get” you and love what you offer and will pay you for it!

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