Run Your
Dream Business with strategy.

Have You Ever...

…felt embarrassed by outdated designs or complete lack of a logo? (whoops)

…had a great business idea but felt overwhelmed by the launch process?

…wished you had organized guidance, accountability, or even a buddy to help you toward business growth?

…felt stuck focusing on or envisioning one big clear goal for your business?

…wanted to raise your rates but felt scared?

…dreamed of more flexibility to work around the kids and countless appointments?

It's time to squash the doubt and fear most entrepreneurs face while running a business. I'll guide you with coaching & designs to help you stand out as the best in your industry.

Grow a business in just 3 easy steps



Book a free discovery call to
assess the best action plan
to move forward



We establish your core
branding, and create designs
and marketing with strategy



You launch your dream
business and we celebrate
your wins and success!

Build a brand at the strategy level of six and seven-figure business owners. Implement step-by-step advice and action that attracts customers, generates sales, and helps you develop a strong brand!

3-MONTH Michellevate Coaching (1:1 OR GROUP)

GROUP: $850/MO

Feel aligned with your branding, and attract dream customers who are excited to buy your offer. This program is for growth oriented entrepreneurs who know there’s “better” waiting for them on the other side of applying the right strategies. Gain clarity on your niche, increase your revenue, and stand behind a brand that is so YOU!

Biweekly 60-minute meetings over 3 months using my Michellevate Framework™. Get access to me 3 days a week as I guide you, answer questions, and hold you accountable to get closer to your goals.

The Brand Launcher


Your branding needs to reflect who you are and attract customers who are aligned with your product and values. This design, branding, and marketing service will establish your brand as trustworthy, memorable, and irresistible. This completely custom experience is tailored to your business goals and niche to accelerate your growth and impact. In just weeks, you’ll launch your dream designs with strategies and confidence that will help propel you to success.

Just imagine...

• Closing a high-ticket deal while waiting in the carpool line.

• Waking up everyday feeling giddy and excited about your job.

• Having a business with beautiful branding that you’re proud to share.

• Inspiring your customers and changing their lives for the better.

• Magnetically drawing clients to you so you never feel or look like you’re desperately chasing more work.

• Learning authentic marketing skills that make selling feel fun.

We wanted to let you know how much we are loving our branding. It brings us so much joy to look at our Instagram grid, and it makes everything we write look so much more professional. We got so many compliments on it!

Reisey & Serel Frankel, Sisters Who Speech


Don’t let imposter syndrome or the overwhelm of creating
something new hold you back. Today is a great time to impact and connect with your dream clients.

When I decided to launch a website offering online workshops to math teachers, I was drowning in marketing, tech, filming, copy, and web design – all areas that have nothing to do with the services I actually offer! I knew within the first session that Michelle would be the motivating force and knowledgeable guide I need to get myself to the finish line. Her marketing knowledge, design skills, and experience with course production are all invaluable resources for me as I build my business. And what makes working with Michelle so wonderful is how invested she is in my success and how genuinely excited she is to see this take off – I feel like I have a go-to cheerleader, and that is truly priceless.

Chanie Hurwitz, Coffee & Pi

When we work together you will...

Discover a new level of confidence

Learn marketing skills and strategy

Have a business mission and plan

Feel motivated with a sense of purpose

Have 1:1 access to me for guidance

Set yourself apart from competitors

Help & impact people in
amazing ways

I have worked with Michelle on a few projects, where she has provided the high-level strategy and guidance to truly bring the brand to life. What really stands out about Michelle is her ability to understand her clients’ ICA (ideal customer avatar) and how she helps her clients solve their customer’s problems in a way where everyone wins.

Schneur Smith, Web Designer & WordPress Developer


Or you can finally end the hamster wheel cycle here. We work together 1:1 to create a clear action plan that will guide you to achieve those goals that always seemed too big to reach. You owe it to yourself to unlock your fullest potential and make your dreams come true!

Frequently asked questions


No experience necessary. I will coach you to become business savvy and launch your business in six weeks!
If your business is making a profit and you’re clear on who your ideal customer is and how your product helps them, you’re ready! If this doesn’t sound like you, I recommend looking into Michellevate Coaching before diving into The Brand Launcher. We can decide what’s best in a consultation call.
We determine if you’re ready in a free 20-minute consultation call. We have to figure out what might not be working before we can perfect it, or how to make what is working even better!
You need a business or business idea. Ideally something people have offered to pay you for. We run it through a profitability test and mold it into a sellable offer. There is so much we can create with just a spark of an idea! We determine if you need coaching before brand design.
Some clients start profiting during the business launch (or rebrand) process, and sometimes it takes a few months of marketing to start booking leads. My goal is to get you established with a plan to start seeing your return on investment quickly!
The Michellevate Coaching program is six weeks of 1-hour sessions, and lots of homework implementing the strategies I share with you. If you don’t have the time for it, apply anyway and we can schedule your first session when you feel prepared to move ahead.
Confidence will come as a result of working together! I’ll show you how knowledgeable you are and how much you really have to offer your future customers.
The strategies we apply can work for any type of business.
I’ve worked with small business owners of many industries and the research process is the same. The Michellevate Framework™ can be applied to any business, no matter what you sell. I’ll guide you through the implementation process and we’ll learn your customer well together so that you can properly market. I’m at your side during the project, learning your business, so that we can brand you to perfection and market your product/service as irresistible to customers.
Depending on your financial situation and revenue goals, you might have to ease from “side hustle” to “full-time” rather than diving in full-time right away. I will help you with this as part of the coaching process, but this will look different for everyone. It takes time to get out there, book clients and grow. Please be patient and dedicated through the process.