Election Day Craft

Week 3 of working with the young ladies of the weekend girl’s program, and I am so impressed by how talented these children are!
I planned an exciting Election Day themed treat…Cake in a jar! Because what can be better than angel food cake and patriotic cream? I also designed American flag tags which included a poem (written by an amazing coworker) describing what we learned about elections. The tags were tied on to the sealed jars with lovely red, white, and blue ribbon. I am so proud of the girls and how beautiful these cakes turned out!
Hope you all had yourselves a mighty fine Election Day!

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Hurricane Sandy Volunteer and Fundraising

When people go through hardships, they really do appreciate when you’re standing by their side. Support means so much to people in need. Some individuals might not say “thank you” or realize how much effort you put into being there for them, but that shouldn’t discourage you from continuing to give to those around you. You are changing lives when you put others before you. Whether it’s charity or just telling someone you’re there for them – we have the power to make a positive impact on others.
I went shopping with a friend for candy and stickers today, and we traveled to a shelter in hopes of reaching out to at least one family. But it was more than that. Groups of people excitedly greeted us and graciously accepted the small gifts. I can’t even imagine what these people are going through right now, but something as small as lollipops made their day. The children lined up excitedly to receive stickers and thoughtfully requested extra stickers to share with their siblings or cousins who were staying in the shelter with them. Even the adults laughed as I walked around with Spiderman stickers on my face, and I stuck some on them, too.
This month, I will help create and distribute care packages to victims. As most of you know, I have opened commissions to help raise money to create the packages. 100% of the proceeds go toward this cause, and we have already raised $125!
It warms my heart how many of you reached out without hesitation to help the Northeast get back on its feet.
Let’s change the world together (one region at a time)!
(My fancy orange volunteer vest and lots of rolls of stickers!)

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Art and Beyond

I am fortunate to have receive the most inspiring position as a creative director and crafts instructor for a girls’ weekend program. From decorating dolls to planning fashion shows, this program allows girls to express themselves in every positive way, and it’s my job to bring out every child’s creative side. We’re only two weeks in, but I’m already on a high and excited for more!
Last week, I taught girls ages 7-9 basic cartooning techniques. Every child in the group did a beautiful job, and it was inspiring to watch the girls work hard and use the steps they learned to create gorgeous drawings.
This week, I created and illustrated a paper doll template and a variety of outfits, allowing the girls to create their ideal design without limits! We celebrated our “Cheerleader Week” theme with cheers, pigtails, pompoms, and dancing! And just when they thought it couldn’t get any better, we made our very own chocolate dipped snacks adorned with delicious confetti and sprinkles.
(This photo is before I got attacked with chocolate!) Needless to say, these snacks were delicious! The tween girls started a chocolate mission to get everyone covered in chocolate, including yours truly. I think I can still smell the cocoa in my hair…

Stay tuned for more updates about the fun activities I have planned for these talented young ladies!

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Get BlueStreak FREE

I would like to announce that BlueStreak is now in printed format! You can carry chapters 1-4 with you wherever you go with this 143 page graphic novel!
The graphic novel is only available as a bonus when you purchase TWO 12″ x 18″ prints of my art ($22 each)! So, how does it work?

Send an email to enchantma@gmail.com with your two requests. If you’d like me to sign the BlueStreak book, please let me know who I’m signing it for.

Submit $52 ($44 for prints + $8 shipping) to Paypal at shop.enchantma@gmail.com

And you’re done! Allow 1-3 business days after you submit payment for the items to be shipped.

**Please note that this offer does not apply to Deviantart purchases, and only direct purchases from my personal store.** Almost all current drawings in my gallery are available as prints, so don’t be shy, and let me know which ones you’d like!

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Interview with CNI

(Photo © Comic News Insider)

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Comic News Insider‘s, Jimmy Aquino at NYCC. He generously offered to interview me at the con, which is now on the CNI website! We talked about BlueStreak and other art things. Please check out the interview right here (I’m after the intro), as well as the hundreds of other intriguing and informative episodes. There is an awesome potpourri of your favorite celebrities and comic pros! Leave comments, call in, and share your love for pop culture!

If you have Tumblr, you can follow Comic News Insider here for updates!

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Around the World

It’s been so long since I’ve updated this journal.
So much has happened since I’ve left you last. I traveled to Italy and France…

(Grand Canal, Venice)

(Fun macro shot at Notre Dame, Paris)
Then I went boating in San Diego, spent a day in Universal Hollywood, and made my way to New York Comic Con! The adventure has been non-stop, and I hope it continues!
NYCC was absolutely incredible. I got to talk to so many creative professionals, and it was fantastic to be able to immerse myself in so much talent. This weekend has been intense, but worth every minute! The highlights of this year’s con experience was definitely getting a photo with Tom Felton, and talking one on one with pop culture extraordinaire, Jimmy Aquino, in a podcast interview!

(Me and Jimmy talking about my comics and other art things)
It was really nice meeting many DA artists in person, and revisiting friends from last year. I wish all my colleagues the best of luck this year, and I hope that NYCC brings you lots of success!

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Summer Beach Days

I’ve spend a lot of summer days and nights at the beach this year. Want to make up for last summer when my work schedule didn’t allow any free time. I really enjoy visiting beaches all over the U.S. and capturing sunsets or beautiful night lights. Posting my personal fav few of what I’ve shot so far.

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I always wanted to do a Majesty prom chapter, but I guess a ball scene is the closest I’ll get to it for now. I never had my own prom experience, but I’d love to give my characters the chance.
If Takke were the chaperone for the evening, he’d be drinking punch all night. Oh, and not just any punch…

Would you like to see the Majesty cast at prom?
Mint would just spazz out from excitement.

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Exploring the Unknown

So this summer’s “theme” is exploration and discovery. I’ve been trying to fill everyday with fun trips and activities, and for bad weather days, I try to stay productive. I’ve been trying out more photography this summer to capture the new memories with my friends who have joined me on this adventure. I will be posting with frequent updates about the unique things I’ve done.

My friends and I went hiking at a wildlife reserve center. The weather was warm, but not too humid for a lot of walking. Naturally, we veered off the trail and ended up on the marsh bank. We ended up finding hundreds of horseshoe crab bodies, which made a great photo op. We also discovered some abandoned boats, and mysterious wreckage.

There’s something about nature walks that just transports you into another world (unless you’re used to wildlife and camping on a regular basis). Being a city girl, I really enjoy moments like these!

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I am a Girl…

Yes, that’s me. The girl who caused an overnight controversy with a heartfelt and blunt art piece about sexual abuse. I have learned so much just from the feedback and the experience of going viral. I deliberately waited a month after the post to discuss it, because I wanted to write about how much the widespread feedback has affected me until today. I have heard from many of you who could relate to the story behind this poem. Viewers across the globe have been an inspiration to me and reminded me why I am an artist. The fact that this has reached thousands of people is a dream. And the dream come true is the amount of messages I have received from men and women who told me that this piece impacted their life in a positive way.

You shared your stories and your reaction to these words, and you told me how this saved your life, improved your mood, and made your day. I am so happy to hear how many of you were grateful for the poem and were able to extract so much from it. I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that your pain eases, and that you can continue to stay strong and live life to the fullest with absolute happiness.

If you are currently in a relationship that seems abusive, and you find yourself repeatedly living through the same difficult and horrific experiences , please seek help immediately. Remember that you are worth so much more, and there is no need to put yourself through the strain and anguish of staying in a relationship that is not working. The situation can change if you take the initiative to fix it.

I hope that I can continue to create art that can touch thousands and elicit responses as strongly as I am a Girl has. For quite some time I have thought about advancing my career in helping individuals and families during times of emotional struggle, and the past year has finalized my decision. After witnessing so many people dealing with heartbreak and abuse, I realized that I can help make a difference. I want to get further involved in helping people take the steps to finding happiness and peace, because that is life’s journey.

I am glad, and deeply touched, by how many of you reached out to me with a new found perspective. I hope you know that you have equally inspired me and encouraged me to chase my dreams.

Much love, xo

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