What To Do When Pricing Scares Them Off?

Be honest with yourself—are you priced too high, or is the value of what you offer getting lost on your client?

When selling a product or service, make sure to highlight the value you offer. It not only helps a client understand your pricing, it paints a picture of what they can expect when working with/buying from you.

Here’s an example:

I SELL brand design, but the VALUE of what I sell clients is:
• more sales
• business growth

These are long term experiences that also give my clients a high return on their investment. I know with stellar branding, strategy, and action, your business will SOAR and whatever you paid to elevate your business you’ll get back when you set yourself apart from the competition.

Write the answers to these three questions and create content that explains/demonstrates and answers the following:

1. What’s the customer service experience?

2. What’s it like working with you vs the competition?

3. What is is the transformation they’ll experience after working with you?

Let me know if you found this helpful!

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