Let’s Combat Imposter Syndrome

Can you relate…?

You’re ready to take the next step in your business, and BAM outta nowhere the negative thoughts creep in:

“I am SO not qualified for this!”
“Will people even buy this?”
“This is scary, did I do the right thing by launching this?”

All valid feelings.

Starting anything new is scary, but if you want to be successful, you gotta get those positive vibes going. And I want you to remember that you won’t find success if you NEVER move forward. Isn’t that even scarier than failure?

If you want to battle imposter syndrome, take a deep breath and remember WHY you took these next steps in the first place.

Whose life were you hoping to change? (Yours? Your customer? Your family? All?)

How were you hoping to impact others?

What’s motivating you to keep going despite all odds?

Keep your thoughts focused on the reason you started this endeavor in the first place.

So, can imposter syndrome be combated?

Focusing on your why helps you build a wall between you and the negative thoughts. It solidifies that sense of purpose which can help you channel your thoughts in a forward direction. I don’t know if imposter syndrome needs to go completely away. It’s those thoughts and doubts that usually fuel you to keep leaping to the next goal.

Don’t feel qualified? Read some books, take a course, and become qualified.

Don’t know if you’ll succeed? Test your ideas and see what happens.

The more we confront those unwanted feelings, the more we strive for bigger and better.

Maybe imposter syndrome actually helps us achieve what we didn’t know we were capable of.

What do you think?

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