CANVA: Helping or Hurting?

You might not realize how controversial an innocent free app like Canva can be in the design world. Professional designers spend years honing their skills and increasing their knowledge, and then apps like Canva come with ready-made templates and built in fonts and you can put an ad together in like, seconds. But let me tell you something–if you’re using Canva without any design knowledge, it can actually hurt your brand.

I’m seeing companies with cheesy logos that were made on Canva, and I’m seeing REALLY bad ads on social media. Like, really bad. And these businesses are using the same template.

I mean, how do you expect your business to stand out if you look like everyone else? Canva IS great for those of you who have a good eye, and know how to utilize the app to work in your OWN brand style.

You know what else Canva is great for? Inspiration.

It’s loaded with free graphics and so many fonts. Click around and learn which fonts look good paired up together. See which colors are trending and work well as a palette. Use that as inspiration for something you’re working on. Get a sense of the design process and what it entails to really get a solid appreciation for branding.

Which free resources help YOU design better?

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