Encouraging Creative Kids!

Q: My child is showing an interest in drawing and design. He/she seems to have talent and potential. What can I do and what equipment can I get to encourage my budding artist? Wow! That’s super! What a supportive cool parent you are! Don’t worry, I’ve got very simple, easy advice for you. You can […]

Are We Sick of the Word ‘Pivot’?

But in all seriousness, it’s necessary to be quick on your toes these days. Businesses small and large need to turn some campaigns and strategy around to better accommodate customers. And I’ve had to do very little pivot-brainstorming on my end, because YOU have told me exactly what YOU want. Thank you so much for […]

Weekly Drawing Lessons!

How are you all doing? Are we in desperate need of a distraction? Many distractions? A vacation to a room, away from the kids, preferably with a lock on the door and some wine? I feel you. I’m hoping to provide a little creative pick-me-up for you (and the fam if you choose) with weekly […]

CANVA: Helping or Hurting?

You might not realize how controversial an innocent free app like Canva can be in the design world. Professional designers spend years honing their skills and increasing their knowledge, and then apps like Canva come with ready-made templates and built in fonts and you can put an ad together in like, seconds. But let me […]

Design Lessons for Free?!

In case you missed it, every Monday morning I share a new lesson in my Instagram Stories that is related to the graphic design industry. I want to educate the masses, whether you’re an aspiring designer, or just interested to know how it all works. We’re living in an era where ANYONE can be a designer. There […]