Everyone has been talking about Paint Tool Sai, so I wanted to get in on the action. This little doodle is something I whipped up within a few minutes of installing the program. It’s so fun! I love the watercolor brushes! I think I made a new friend. Well, gonna go back to doodling–*cough*…um, I mean, work. Right. I’m gonna go do work now. Really.

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Scribble Scribble…

I’ve wanted to do a BlueStreak wallpaper for some time now, but I have so many ideas, it’s hard to just stick to one. I spent some time today trying to come up with some layouts, and next I knew I wasn’t drawing BlueStreak things anymore…So, here are some doodles…which somehow included Lucille Ball…?

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Eric’s an…Artist?

Who knew Prince Eric (of The Little Mermaid) could draw so well? My friend and I met “Eric” and “Ariel” at Magic Kingdom in Disney World yesterday. After sharing our names, Eric asked me if I’m in school now/what I’m doing, and when I told him that I’m an artist he got all excited. He asked, “Can you draw me something? Right now?” I thought he was doing that thing where he has to stay in character, and all of our conversation was all just for fun, but he was being totally serious. He turned to the Photopass guy and asked for a pen and paper. People standing by waiting to have their photo taken were rummaging to find some as well, but Mr. Photopass handed Eric a Sharpie and two index cards. He paused as he handed them to me and said, “Can I draw something for you?” Ariel chimed in to brag about what a great artist he is. My friend and I were laughing so hard, and I said, “Sure!” So he drew me two adorable drawings, and signed the back with “Prince Eric.” He was so adorable taking his time like that to hang out with us. Aw, Eric…

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My Prince!

I know, everyone is sick of hearing me talk about the latest live action Disney film, Prince of Persia…But it’s only natural I be this excited considering I’ve been wishing there’d be a movie based on the game for the past six years. Not only that, but I’m obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, so imagine how stoked I was to discover Disney and Bruckheimer would be taking the reigns on the PoP film. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Which brings me to my next point…What’s the deal with all the rants about how PoP doesn’t have an all Persian cast. I mean, did you really think that a Hollywood film based on a video game would be at all historically accurate? Come on, cut the film some slack. I’m just appreciating it for what it is: A cheesy action Disney film with some wit and magic. Gyllenhaal looks enough like the prince in the video games, so I don’t see why everyone is so bummed about the casting. Okay, he’s not Persian. People who aren’t doctors play doctors on TV, and people who aren’t Catholic play Catholics in movies. An American can be a Prince of Persia…that’s the art of acting. So there. I just wanted to get that off my chest.
Anyway, here’s a sketch I did during my work break. It’s the Prince from the Sands of Time video game, running along a wall because that’s what he does best.

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This is a character concept sketch I just discarded. This sketch blog is coming in handy! I can just dump things here. I have a craving for a 3 Musketeers mint chocolate bar…Oh man.

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Rooster Boy!

Well, that’s what I call him because his hair reminds me of a rooster. Just another random character design. This is the inking over the digital sketch…Gonna color it right now because I’m in a coloring mood! Keep an eye out for the final version on DA! I was originally going to turn this image into a digital sketching/inking/coloring tutorial, but the internet is full of those and do I really want to make a tutorial rather than play Wii? No. I don’t think so.

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Commission Stuff

Just sharing some recent commission work. Augh, that reminds me, I need to add a commission section to my portfolio page. Ah, that’s what weekends are for.

This one is Hachiro, who belongs to Jeremiah Caudle. While I’ve done many of his characters, Hachiro was by far my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the glasses or the straight jacket that makes him hot.

This is an in-progress inked image drawn for a friend. It’s in its super early stages. Gotta color this one soon.

Another in-progress image for a client. She wanted Spike Spiegle of Cowboy Bebop in my style. Good choice…he’s an awesome character! I kinda feel like this image mocks his spunk a bit, haha~ He’s too cool to look all cartoony like that…I hope I didn’t ruin his image.

Well, that’s all for today folks. Have a lovely weekend!

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OpenCanvas Wonderland!

Yay! The site is working again! I’m so happy! This post was supposed to be added last week, but due to some annoying technical difficulties I had to wait until now to share some more OpenCanvas madness! This session was super fun! I was telling Yun about my art block and she suggested that we OC a bit. What a great idea! Here is the giant image we drew:

(Click the image above to see a larger version.)

Can you guess who drew what? 🙂
This was not planned at all. We literally just drew on the blank canvas for an hour without chatting to each other online. We ended up having the same idea in mind at the end…”Alex in Wonderland.”
And to quote Yun’s giant chicken, “Welcome to Wonderland, Boy!”
You can also see Yun’s post on our OC session by clicking here.

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Art Block

I’ve been lacking inspiration lately, so it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done any independent work. When you’re constantly drawing for clients, you start to lose your groove, y’know? I love drawing for clients, but I do miss doing some of my full color drawings sometimes. Instead, I just doodle every now and then before I sleep. Here are a few random doodles I’m posting up here.

On a totally separate note, I just wanted to publicize this journal on Deviantart. A young girl lost her life due to a drunk driver running a red light, and there is a fund raiser taking place in her honor. I didn’t know her personally, but she was a great friend online, always commenting on my art work and leaving such nice and supportive messages. Please take a moment to check this out. Thank you.

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