…is over. It was fantastic meeting so many exceptionally talented artists. I only got to spend a few hours there on Sunday, but it was worth the trip! I didn’t take many photos due to lack of time, and it was just too crowded to stop and snap pics. So I’ll just post some recent doodles here instead.

You can view the final version of the last thumbnail on my deviantart.

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Sequential Thumbnails

Been doing lots of sequential thumbnails lately. I used to jot ideas down, but I find it to be a lot more helpful to draw my ideas out. It helps me plan scenes visually. These thumbnails below are for a story idea I had, but decided not to use. Now they’re scrapped and on my blog. More to come!

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Walt Disney Animation Studio

Did I mention that I got to chill at the Walt Disney Animation Studio?


I got to chill at the Walt Disney Animation Studio.

It was pretty fantastic, and please, don’t make me go on…I might cry. It was so cool to get to see where all the magic happens and where my favorite films were born. I also got a limited edition Winnie the Pooh lithograph as a parting gift. I would not mind taking Claire Keane’s breathtaking Tangled mural as a parting gift, but I believe that wall is one of the building’s supporting structures. And I think I might have kinda hyperventilated from joy just at the sight of Glen Keane’s office. And John Lasseter’s office. And the Prep and Landing Christmas themed offices.

I entered the studio just as the sun was setting and got a tour of the place through the evening. HUGE thanks to my buddy there who gave me the incredible opportunity.

In other news, my laptop is being a drama queen. Not cooperating today.

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I should really update this thing more often. So, I’ve been working on LOTS of stuff. And while I can’t show you a lot of these stuff, I’m willing to share a bit of one of the stuffs I’m working on. I won’t give anything away, but it is Disney fan art.

Anyway, more art to come soon!

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D23 Expo 2011

It was only the best day…EVER! I got to spend Sunday at the expo, and it was super rad hanging out with very awesome people all day. There is nothing like speaking with artists you’ve admired for so long and getting to be within a 1 foot radius of pure talent. I love meeting people, and the atmosphere of D23 was perfect for socializing with fellow artists and Disney staff. I can’t wait for the day I become a part of the art staff! It was quite an inspiring weekend. I hope a little bit of everyone’s greatness rubbed off on me…

(Top: Nick Pitera, Bottom: John Lasseter)

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That’s right! The all new released last month. I hope you’ll still come visit my blog here. I have a lot of new sketches to post and I will share them soon. I’m still developing my new characters Catherine and Alec. Just when I finally decided on a hairstyle for Cath, I find that she looks too much like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which is quite problematic considering she will be a redhead, too. Focusing on her wardrobe in the meantime…

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Ahoy! Pt. 2

Yay! My Jack Sparrow fan art is complete! Seriously wondering if I should do a Prince of Persia fan art next. Anyway, you can view the final result by clicking on the thumbnail above. In other news, my new website is coming very soon. Like, any day now. I’m super excited about it. Please keep your bookmarks as “” because this blog is not going to be my main site anymore. But the blog will still be linked on my main website and you will still have access to it.

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Oh, wow, it has been a very long time since I updated this blog. I’ve been juggling quite a few things, including a new website. I’m hoping to get it released before July. Hang tight, folks!
As most of you know, I’m a hardcore Pirates of the Caribbean fan, so you can imagine my excitement for the release of the fourth film. I already have a date set to see it, but until I do, I decided to do some fan art. Here is a work in progress of what I’ve got so far.

It’s in the very early stages. You can check out my portfolio or Deviantart account in the near future to see the finished product.

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while, so I just want to catch you up. I’m currently creating a new website which I’m hoping will be easy and fun to navigate. This blog will still exist, but not as my main web page. I will still post previews of projects and updates here, but my website will focus more on my solid portfolio. For anyone who does not have bookmarked, or has it bookmarked under any other address, please update your bookmarks. The site will be up and running not too long from now, so I hope you’re as excited as I am! So remember to revisit again soon! I’ll see ya at my new site~

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Costume Sketches

Why, hello there! It sure has been a while. I’ve been working long hours which gives me less blog updating time. I actually had the chance to do some warm-up sketches before work today. I surfed through some movie channels and sketched whatever had lovely 17th century costumes. I’m hoping to get started on my Renaissance comic sometime this year, so I’m trying to become more aware of historical fashion. The clothing are so frilly and elegant! It makes me sad that people don’t dress that way now…I’ve always been obsessed with period piece/historical films and novels, so it’s very exciting to write a story that takes place during that period. FYI, that final thumbnail sketch at the bottom was drawn while watching The Man in the Iron Mask (one of my favs!)…It’s Athos teaching Philippe how to dance. It’s a short segment, but it’s such a cute moment.

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