Insomnia Doodles

I miss drawing these two. I have a super special surprise for you Majesty fans. But I won’t announce it until it’s official. Until then…here’s some insomnia art! See more on my Instagram: @enchantma

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Run Cat, Run!

Catherine running free in her fighting clothes. This reckless princess loves to keep her shirt tucked out!
Late night concept art. Can’t wait to finalize designs for this comic I’m working on, it’s gonna be awesome fun.

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Back to KH

Got back into Kingdom Hearts again. It’s been a long while since I played it. Finally had a few free minutes to draw something not work related. Here’s a quick Sora sketch!

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Lana Character Concept

Majesty gets a new character this week! She originally wasn’t supposed to be in this chapter, but I decided to change the script last minute. Meet Lana, a conniving sorceress whose role and intentions will be clear soon.

Original digital painting. I quickly jot down features and color ideas for the character design.

Pencil sketch based on initial concept. I determine the style that will be used in the comic.

Stay tuned for a comic update later this week to see the final design.

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Painting Lessons

There’s nothing more satisfying than introducing a new concept to children, watch them soak it in, and see the most amazing results. While we do spend a lot of time doing crafts and learning food design at the weekend program, I wanted to teach these girls the basics of painting.

I explained primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and it was adorable how the four year-olds were thrilled to see how many colors you can make using just three primary colors. These girls just wanted to dive right into the paint and create – have I mentioned how much these children inspire me?

While I assigned the task of creating a grid demonstrating the understanding of mixing and creating colors, I love how some girls stepped out of the box to create more abstract and unique work.

Looking forward to the next class and what else these children will wow me with next!

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Winter Cruise!

I totally went on a Disney Cruise. My first cruise experience ever!
Now, before you judge me, let me just say that I went on this cruise with a fellow adult friend, an open mind, and we had the time of our lives! I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the island hopping experience. Crystal clear blue water, exceptional weather, fine sand…It was perfect.

And don’t even get me started on how AMAZING pirate night and Jack Sparrow were. I gotta admit – I felt like I might have been the only person slightly uncomfortable by the glorification of pirates on a cruise ship…But I tried not to think into it too much.

After the cruise, my friend and I headed over to Magic Kingdom to check out the New Fantasyland! Which…isn’t so ready yet…
False advertising, indeed.
I’ll just have to go back when the work-in-progress rides are all up and running. But the nice cold Mickey Premium made the theme park trip worthwhile! And a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean for the umpteenth time, of course. (Which now has some nice subtle additions!)

The fun doesn’t end there. I hopped on over to Louisiana next! Will tell you all about it in the next post!

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Morning Coffee

Mornings are usually the most hectic part of my day. Calls will start coming in as early as 7am, and then the emails start to pour in through noon. I’ll have this immediate moment of “OMG,” but the stress melts away as soon as I sit down with a hot drink (usually freshly brewed coffee!) and think, “I’ve got the whole day to get stuff done! I can totally do this!”
After that short moment of peace with myself, I feel like I can conquer the world! While eating a meal or sipping a hot drink, take the time to tell yourself you’re capable of anything, and the day has only begun! Don’t sweat it, you got this.

What do you do to take on the day?

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