Look at what I made today! Disney sells charms individually to make charm bracelets and necklaces, but I like to buy them in pairs so I can turn them into earrings. It makes them unique because I know no one has a pair like it, and it’s fun to wear stuff you put some effort into.

I’m sorry the photos are terrible! My camera was dying so I could only photograph them quickly, and I didn’t have enough time to set them up on a nice background with good lighting…but you get the idea. The first image is of Mickey’s hat and ears from Fantasia, and the second is the Disney World Castle…I’ve wanted these charms for the longest time now <3 I actually got the blue beads a really long time ago and never thought I’d have any use for them. Good thing I kept them! They match so nicely~
And now it’s off to work I go…Hi ho…Hi ho…

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Happy Winter!

Yay! Winter! Holidays! End of school! It’s all good. Of course I’d like to get some time off, but I’ll take working full time over homework. I was hoping I’d have lots of stuff to post once I resumed my sketchblog, but I was so excited to throw out all of my school notes I no longer need,  in my excitement I tossed a nice amount of fun class doodles I planned to share. Oh well. Instead I’ll be posting a 3 a.m. doodle. I missed drawing guys with goatees more than anything during my 3 week hiatus…so here’s an evil (?) goatee man!

Ok, so now that I’ve wasted your time with absolute pointlessness, I’m off to get some sleep. Beware of laughing evil goatee man!
Happy Holidays!

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Yay! Drawing on OpenCanvas with friends is SO much fun! Guy on the left is by Yun and guy on the right is by me. Totally improvised and totally fun. Thank you, Yun!

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I should have been taking notes…

…but I doodled in class instead. I’m at that point where I know I’m graduating in just a month, and I’m caring less about school each day. At least I’m using that time that I’m not paying attention productively. It’s how most of my characters are born…during class.

These are just some of my random doodles. I stopped taking notes in a notebook, and now I just use plain printer paper instead — More room to draw. For those of you who’d like to know who these characters are (top to bottom, left to right): Takke, Kino, self-portrait, Ryan, Takke (again), Brett Charles, and Aya.
On another note, thank you so much to all of you for all the birthday love this year. It was a fantastic birthday–so thank you everyone for making it special. I got this drawing from J-chan. I adore it! It’s of Majesta and Kino as Aya Nakahara’s characters, Risa and Otani, from Lovely Complex…My all time favorite anime/manga. Thank you, J-chan!

Aren’t they cute? She did a great job~
Well, off I go to do some homework. Take care, everyone!

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Birds are silly…

So on my way to school the other day I had this moment which I really can’t explain well in words, so I drew it. Everyday I come by this group of sparrows who just love to congregate in this one same spot. I really like sparrows–they’re the cutest things ever! Anyway, each time I walk by, I try to avoid walking too close to them, because I don’t want to scare them away…But no matter what I do, they always freak out when I walk by, and it makes me feel so unloved. It’s not like I’d hurt them! I just mind my own business, and they just flutter away. It’s kind of insulting…I mean, imagine you walk by a group of people and they just run away!  So yeah, it’s like that. Sorta.

I’d never do anything to you, sparrows! Please don’t be scared of me…I’ll try not to take it so personally.

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Wow, I thought I’d never make it through midterms, and I’m 2/3 done!! And amidst all the midterming, I got two additional clients. I’m both happy and stressed all at once; it’s a weird mix of emotions. On top of that, I’m itching to release my new webcomic, but I’m trying to get it published. So I’ll keep posting little “screenshots” here. This is one of my favorite BlueStreak moments:

I would talk about it, but I don’t want to give any part of the story away. Aya walks in on Ryan and the gang acting stupid at this point…which happens a lot.
And I’ve been doing some textbook illustrations…Yay~That’s one step towards getting my work published somewhere. Here is a sample of one of the illustrations.

As I drew this I realized I never drew a baby before…All of my characters are teenagers, I probably never drew an adult either =( Not well, anyway. And here is a concept of a drawing that wasn’t needed. It’s a quick sketch and it’s of a bird getting hit by a plane. A bit gross, I know…that’s why I didn’t work on it further.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Need to study…

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More Sketches

I just love drawing Legato in Ryan’s arms. They are such a cute a pair. I’ve never created a comic that involved animals before, but now I wonder why I didn’t. They’re so much fun to draw! The gal on the bottom left is Stephanie, and she sings the first song in Bluestreak. I’m really excited about the release of this comic. I just hope you find it worth the wait. I’m also really aiming to have it up in January instead of mid-February, but we’ll see. I need to get through school first. And work. Guh, I can’t think straight. Midterms are getting to me…(yawn) Better just end this post now.

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I was going to upload some more recent sketches, but I found these older ones which I drew in May/June during my transition from anime to a more cartoony art style. Ironically, it’s a tad more realistic than either style, but it was a direction I was considering.

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Yay! I am now a Zazzle member! I’ll be moving my stuff from CafePress over to Zazzle as soon as midterms are over. In the meantime, you can access my store while it’s in progress. I have only one item up now, but more to come very soon! I actually needed a tote of my own to carry my library books to and from the library, and the size and price on this bag is really great. Ok, enough shameless advertising… Gotta get back to studying…

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OMG!!!! I am seriously THE happiest PotC fangirl EVER!  I’ve been wanting a PotC skin for my mp3 player for so long but couldn’t find one, and then my mp3 player broke…….and now I have this!!

guhhhhhhh…….it’s so awesome….I nearly cried when I got it! The Disney castle is on Mickey’s ear…omg everything about this piece is so Disney…I’m so happy. I was having a pretty sucky day and then I got this early birthday gift. Totally saved the day. DID I MENTION HOW HAPPY I AM? I guess I’m really easy to please.
Oh, and I know this is supposed to be sketchblog, not a fangirl squeal blog…so here is some junk I found in the trunk

Yes, it’s a preview of Bluestreak! This is a work in progress page (which I finished after this shot). That’s all I have to say about it. I’m too distracted by Pirate awesomness now, forgive me.

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