Morning Coffee

Mornings are usually the most hectic part of my day. Calls will start coming in as early as 7am, and then the emails start to pour in through noon. I’ll have this immediate moment of “OMG,” but the stress melts away as soon as I sit down with a hot drink (usually freshly brewed coffee!) and think, “I’ve got the whole day to get stuff done! I can totally do this!”
After that short moment of peace with myself, I feel like I can conquer the world! While eating a meal or sipping a hot drink, take the time to tell yourself you’re capable of anything, and the day has only begun! Don’t sweat it, you got this.

What do you do to take on the day?

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Winter Haircut

With the relaunch of Enchantma Designs and with the change of season, I wanted an updated look for myself.

I feel like 25% of blog posts are about my hair because I love styling it and cutting it often…But with every haircut, I gain new inspiration for drawings and character design styles. I’m very inspired by retro and 70’s art/fashion lately, so I wanted a style that would reflect my latest obsession. Maybe I’ll post some retro inspired art next time.

Reminder that I have an art sale running this season! Buy 2 art prints from me for just $35 and get a FREE BlueStreak graphic novel which includes chapters 1-4! When I say $35, that’s the total price WITH shipping and handling! Doesn’t it sound amazing? And I’m down to only a few books, so please contact me fast before they sell out! It’s a awesome gift for yourself or friends.

Wishing you all a beautiful and happy winter and wonderful year!

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