Art and Beyond

I am fortunate to have receive the most inspiring position as a creative director and crafts instructor for a girls’ weekend program. From decorating dolls to planning fashion shows, this program allows girls to express themselves in every positive way, and it’s my job to bring out every child’s creative side. We’re only two weeks in, but I’m already on a high and excited for more!
Last week, I taught girls ages 7-9 basic cartooning techniques. Every child in the group did a beautiful job, and it was inspiring to watch the girls work hard and use the steps they learned to create gorgeous drawings.
This week, I created and illustrated a paper doll template and a variety of outfits, allowing the girls to create their ideal design without limits! We celebrated our “Cheerleader Week” theme with cheers, pigtails, pompoms, and dancing! And just when they thought it couldn’t get any better, we made our very own chocolate dipped snacks adorned with delicious confetti and sprinkles.
(This photo is before I got attacked with chocolate!) Needless to say, these snacks were delicious! The tween girls started a chocolate mission to get everyone covered in chocolate, including yours truly. I think I can still smell the cocoa in my hair…

Stay tuned for more updates about the fun activities I have planned for these talented young ladies!

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Get BlueStreak FREE

I would like to announce that BlueStreak is now in printed format! You can carry chapters 1-4 with you wherever you go with this 143 page graphic novel!
The graphic novel is only available as a bonus when you purchase TWO 12″ x 18″ prints of my art ($22 each)! So, how does it work?

Send an email to with your two requests. If you’d like me to sign the BlueStreak book, please let me know who I’m signing it for.

Submit $52 ($44 for prints + $8 shipping) to Paypal at

And you’re done! Allow 1-3 business days after you submit payment for the items to be shipped.

**Please note that this offer does not apply to Deviantart purchases, and only direct purchases from my personal store.** Almost all current drawings in my gallery are available as prints, so don’t be shy, and let me know which ones you’d like!

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Interview with CNI

(Photo © Comic News Insider)

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Comic News Insider‘s, Jimmy Aquino at NYCC. He generously offered to interview me at the con, which is now on the CNI website! We talked about BlueStreak and other art things. Please check out the interview right here (I’m after the intro), as well as the hundreds of other intriguing and informative episodes. There is an awesome potpourri of your favorite celebrities and comic pros! Leave comments, call in, and share your love for pop culture!

If you have Tumblr, you can follow Comic News Insider here for updates!

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Around the World

It’s been so long since I’ve updated this journal.
So much has happened since I’ve left you last. I traveled to Italy and France…

(Grand Canal, Venice)

(Fun macro shot at Notre Dame, Paris)
Then I went boating in San Diego, spent a day in Universal Hollywood, and made my way to New York Comic Con! The adventure has been non-stop, and I hope it continues!
NYCC was absolutely incredible. I got to talk to so many creative professionals, and it was fantastic to be able to immerse myself in so much talent. This weekend has been intense, but worth every minute! The highlights of this year’s con experience was definitely getting a photo with Tom Felton, and talking one on one with pop culture extraordinaire, Jimmy Aquino, in a podcast interview!

(Me and Jimmy talking about my comics and other art things)
It was really nice meeting many DA artists in person, and revisiting friends from last year. I wish all my colleagues the best of luck this year, and I hope that NYCC brings you lots of success!

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