Summer Beach Days

I’ve spend a lot of summer days and nights at the beach this year. Want to make up for last summer when my work schedule didn’t allow any free time. I really enjoy visiting beaches all over the U.S. and capturing sunsets or beautiful night lights. Posting my personal fav few of what I’ve shot so far.

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I always wanted to do a Majesty prom chapter, but I guess a ball scene is the closest I’ll get to it for now. I never had my own prom experience, but I’d love to give my characters the chance.
If Takke were the chaperone for the evening, he’d be drinking punch all night. Oh, and not just any punch…

Would you like to see the Majesty cast at prom?
Mint would just spazz out from excitement.

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Exploring the Unknown

So this summer’s “theme” is exploration and discovery. I’ve been trying to fill everyday with fun trips and activities, and for bad weather days, I try to stay productive. I’ve been trying out more photography this summer to capture the new memories with my friends who have joined me on this adventure. I will be posting with frequent updates about the unique things I’ve done.

My friends and I went hiking at a wildlife reserve center. The weather was warm, but not too humid for a lot of walking. Naturally, we veered off the trail and ended up on the marsh bank. We ended up finding hundreds of horseshoe crab bodies, which made a great photo op. We also discovered some abandoned boats, and mysterious wreckage.

There’s something about nature walks that just transports you into another world (unless you’re used to wildlife and camping on a regular basis). Being a city girl, I really enjoy moments like these!

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