Legend of Korra


Anyone totally digging Republic City and wanna move there? It so awesome, why isn’t it real?
Quick sketch of Korra, Bolin, and Mako of The Legend of Korra. I had an urge to draw them in Renaissance attire. Yeah, I’m all for Korra x Mako, if you must know.

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Character Doodles

I don’t know what’s going on with this dress, but I was enjoying the smooth creamy feel of my colored pencils so much – I just kept drawing stuff. Catherine, what are you wearing?! Your dress swallowed a lamp shade!

Alec makes crazy faces. I also end up making his eyebrows thicker each time I draw them…The personality is all in the eyebrows!

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Rain Falls…

Alec generally doesn’t emote beyond his sly smile and devious one-eyebrow-schtick, so drawing a sad, helpless Alec is actually refreshing. Hm, what could he be upset about…?

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More Art…

Catherine (well, “boy-Catherine”) gets a surprise greeting from Alec.

When was the last time I updated my blog? I have so much art to post here, I would love to revive my blog this season. I went off and joined tumblr, and have this odd guilty feeling that I cheated on WordPress. I still heart you, WordPress. You are so much easier to use! WP has posts solely dedicated to work-in-progress art, while tumblr will have mostly finished artwork. I think some WP followers might not realize that I don’t plan on posting finished work here. I have the final pieces on so many other websites, including my portfolio, so this blog is more about the raw process of my drawings, and less about the final work. I apologize if you were expecting something more dazzling here.

Anyway, I have a LOT of Alec and Catherine stuff to catch you all up on. The comic now has a temporary title: Hero of Agarin, which is not the final title yet, but I needed something. I will be referring to it as just “Hero,” because the rest of the title is changing on a monthly basis. So, more to come real soon!

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