Catherine Hair Design

So as you all now by now, I’m working on a Renaissance fantasy comic project. (Think Majesty, but funnier and in color!) My princess character, Catherine, has been a challenge because I couldn’t decide on a suitable hair style for her. I have many old posts agonizing over this.

Solution? I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting my own hair, and decide to base Cat’s hair on my actual results. So now it’s short and choppy in front and very long in the back…And Catherine’s hair style has finally been designed! Ta-da!

(Yes, I decorate my cell phone with stickers…and I do my own French manicures~)


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BlueStreak Boys

Just doodled the BlueStreak boys, Ryan and BC, with their pets Legato and Max. Looking forward to coloring this. I’d like to try a more painterly technique on this one…

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…is over. It was fantastic meeting so many exceptionally talented artists. I only got to spend a few hours there on Sunday, but it was worth the trip! I didn’t take many photos due to lack of time, and it was just too crowded to stop and snap pics. So I’ll just post some recent doodles here instead.

You can view the final version of the last thumbnail on my deviantart.

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Sequential Thumbnails

Been doing lots of sequential thumbnails lately. I used to jot ideas down, but I find it to be a lot more helpful to draw my ideas out. It helps me plan scenes visually. These thumbnails below are for a story idea I had, but decided not to use. Now they’re scrapped and on my blog. More to come!

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