Walt Disney Animation Studio

Did I mention that I got to chill at the Walt Disney Animation Studio?


I got to chill at the Walt Disney Animation Studio.

It was pretty fantastic, and please, don’t make me go on…I might cry. It was so cool to get to see where all the magic happens and where my favorite films were born. I also got a limited edition Winnie the Pooh lithograph as a parting gift. I would not mind taking Claire Keane’s breathtaking Tangled mural as a parting gift, but I believe that wall is one of the building’s supporting structures. And I think I might have kinda hyperventilated from joy just at the sight of Glen Keane’s office. And John Lasseter’s office. And the Prep and Landing Christmas themed offices.

I entered the studio just as the sun was setting and got a tour of the place through the evening. HUGE thanks to my buddy there who gave me the incredible opportunity.

In other news, my laptop is being a drama queen. Not cooperating today.

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I should really update this thing more often. So, I’ve been working on LOTS of stuff. And while I can’t show you a lot of these stuff, I’m willing to share a bit of one of the stuffs I’m working on. I won’t give anything away, but it is Disney fan art.

Anyway, more art to come soon!

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