D23 Expo 2011

It was only the best day…EVER! I got to spend Sunday at the expo, and it was super rad hanging out with very awesome people all day. There is nothing like speaking with artists you’ve admired for so long and getting to be within a 1 foot radius of pure talent. I love meeting people, and the atmosphere of D23 was perfect for socializing with fellow artists and Disney staff. I can’t wait for the day I become a part of the art staff! It was quite an inspiring weekend. I hope a little bit of everyone’s greatness rubbed off on me…

(Top: Nick Pitera, Bottom: John Lasseter)

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enchantma.com is NEW!

That’s right! The all new enchantma.com released last month. I hope you’ll still come visit my blog here. I have a lot of new sketches to post and I will share them soon. I’m still developing my new characters Catherine and Alec. Just when I finally decided on a hairstyle for Cath, I find that she looks too much like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which is quite problematic considering she will be a redhead, too. Focusing on her wardrobe in the meantime…

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