Ahoy! Pt. 2

Yay! My Jack Sparrow fan art is complete! Seriously wondering if I should do a Prince of Persia fan art next. Anyway, you can view the final result by clicking on the thumbnail above. In other news, my new website is coming very soon. Like, any day now. I’m super excited about it. Please keep your bookmarks as “www.enchantma.com” because this blog is not going to be my main site anymore. But the blog will still be linked on my main website and you will still have access to it.

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Oh, wow, it has been a very long time since I updated this blog. I’ve been juggling quite a few things, including a new website. I’m hoping to get it released before July. Hang tight, folks!
As most of you know, I’m a hardcore Pirates of the Caribbean fan, so you can imagine my excitement for the release of the fourth film. I already have a date set to see it, but until I do, I decided to do some fan art. Here is a work in progress of what I’ve got so far.

It’s in the very early stages. You can check out my portfolio or Deviantart account in the near future to see the finished product.

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