Costume Sketches

Why, hello there! It sure has been a while. I’ve been working long hours which gives me less blog updating time. I actually had the chance to do some warm-up sketches before work today. I surfed through some movie channels and sketched whatever had lovely 17th century costumes. I’m hoping to get started on my Renaissance comic sometime this year, so I’m trying to become more aware of historical fashion. The clothing are so frilly and elegant! It makes me sad that people don’t dress that way now…I’ve always been obsessed with period piece/historical films and novels, so it’s very exciting to write a story that takes place during that period. FYI, that final thumbnail sketch at the bottom was drawn while watching The Man in the Iron Mask (one of my favs!)…It’s Athos teaching Philippe how to dance. It’s a short segment, but it’s such a cute moment.

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