Summer Sketches

Man, summer went by fast, didn’t it? I was going through some of my sketchbooks and found sketches I did throughout the summer, mostly drawn during plane and car rides while I traveled. And while there isn’t much left to my comic Majesty, I’ve been scripting a new fantasy/romance comic. The sketches of the man with the goatee is Alec, who plays an important role in the story…which doesn’t have a title…yet. But I’m hoping I can make this one all color. I’ve always wanted to do a color comic.

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Inverted Axis

As you BlueStreak readers already know, Inverted Axis is the famous, traitorous celebrity who just appeared in the comic. I wanted to draw him in another style, as I did with Stephanie. I just might have started a series of characters here, but it’s fun to do the “villains” of the comic first.

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Stephanie Hill is one of those characters I actually look forward to drawing. My favorite part is the hair. She’s a quirky character, and often moves swiftly, and it’s a lot of fun making her hair flow with her actions. In the next few pages Steph makes a comeback in BlueStreak, so I was in the Stephanie-spirit. Especially because a lot of you readers seem to like her despite her attitude problem. I wondered what she’d look like in my other, less simplistic style. I’m still in the middle of coloring it, but here’s a sneak peek!

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Summer Fun!

Before I say anything, I want to leave a HUGE thanks here to celebrity bodyguard Lee Weaver for the wonderful day at Universal Studios Hollywood a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Lee and Lisa! Please check out Lee’s site…click here!
Well, I’ve been MIA for a while and now you know why. I was long overdue for a Universal and Disney trip (hey, 1 month is a long time to go without Disney!), so I took a little break and cleared my mind a bit. Now I’m back with new ideas, including a new comic…but it’ll be a while until I talk about that.

Anyway, here are some colored sketches drawn on OpenCanvas.

What’s everyone else been doing to celebrate summer?

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