Been really busy with commissions and work these past few weeks.  I wanted to share one piece I finished most recently for Jeremiah Caudle. This is his character Saburo, who was really fun to draw.

If you’d like me to help you make your character come to life, you can get all the info from my commissions page. There are few slots left for new customers and new slots won’t be available until March, so contact me ASAP if you’re interested.

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Ah, HUGE GYNORMOUS THANKS to Yun who made me the cutest sculpture ever for my birthday. I absolutely love it! I wanted to share it with you, with her permission of course. It’s of my character Ryan of BlueStreak. Everything about it is so cute and perfect <3 And I had a blast photographing this stuff!

Balthier (FFXII) on the far right was a gift from Yun, too! Gosh, I’m really spoiled…

That final image includes a very adorable plush keychain which I got from J-chan and it’s from Japan! The little bunny is from Japan, too…also a gift (yes, spoiled indeed). I’m so glad all of my figures are getting along well.
Well, just wanted to show off a bit =D Thank you, Yun!

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More Junk…

I was hoping to start 2010 with some awesome art, but alas, work has been keeping me from drawing the things I really wanna draw. Had a little break while working, so I’ll share my late night drawings with you.

My drawings are usually so feminine so I was wondering if I’m even capable of drawing masculine images. But of course I had to conclude with something pink.

This is inspired by Tim Burton’s work. I was really tempted to draw lashy eyes, especially after watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. Then I got a drawing idea, but of course that’s not gonna happen for a while. Oh well, at least I had a few minutes free to sketch~Now I need to get back to work. Working late nights is not so fun anymore…

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