More Sketches

I just love drawing Legato in Ryan’s arms. They are such a cute a pair. I’ve never created a comic that involved animals before, but now I wonder why I didn’t. They’re so much fun to draw! The gal on the bottom left is Stephanie, and she sings the first song in Bluestreak. I’m really excited about the release of this comic. I just hope you find it worth the wait. I’m also really aiming to have it up in January instead of mid-February, but we’ll see. I need to get through school first. And work. Guh, I can’t think straight. Midterms are getting to me…(yawn) Better just end this post now.

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I was going to upload some more recent sketches, but I found these older ones which I drew in May/June during my transition from anime to a more cartoony art style. Ironically, it’s a tad more realistic than either style, but it was a direction I was considering.

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Yay! I am now a Zazzle member! I’ll be moving my stuff from CafePress over to Zazzle as soon as midterms are over. In the meantime, you can access my store while it’s in progress. I have only one item up now, but more to come very soon! I actually needed a tote of my own to carry my library books to and from the library, and the size and price on this bag is really great. Ok, enough shameless advertising… Gotta get back to studying…

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OMG!!!! I am seriously THE happiest PotC fangirl EVER!  I’ve been wanting a PotC skin for my mp3 player for so long but couldn’t find one, and then my mp3 player broke…….and now I have this!!

guhhhhhhh…….it’s so awesome….I nearly cried when I got it! The Disney castle is on Mickey’s ear…omg everything about this piece is so Disney…I’m so happy. I was having a pretty sucky day and then I got this early birthday gift. Totally saved the day. DID I MENTION HOW HAPPY I AM? I guess I’m really easy to please.
Oh, and I know this is supposed to be sketchblog, not a fangirl squeal blog…so here is some junk I found in the trunk

Yes, it’s a preview of Bluestreak! This is a work in progress page (which I finished after this shot). That’s all I have to say about it. I’m too distracted by Pirate awesomness now, forgive me.

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400 Readers! Thank you!!

Wow! 400+ readers have faved Majesty! Thank you so much everyone! That’s almost about half of 1,000! Almost…heh. I can’t believe that comic is still running…(especially since I kept threatening to cancel it all these years). Well, here’s to another 400! …That’ll make the total even closer to 1,000. And a thousand is closer to 1 million, and 1 million is–ah, ok, I won’t get carried away *daydreams* Anyway, thank you lots for the support! I’m really grateful anyone reads it. I don’t know why you bother, but thank you <3
In other webcomic news, I started reading LoveFeast by Senshuu. It’s really fun so far, especially since the lead character, Chains, is quite amusing. I drew a fanart this weekend of Chains in honor of Sen’s birthday. Happy birthday, girl! Can’t wait to read more of your comic~

Guys with stars on their faces are cool! (–>enchan’s wise words of the day)

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A Sketch a Day…

Before I say anything, I first want to thank the people who helped me with this site. Whether it was coding issues, feedback, or more coding issues, you guys helped me get this together…Big thanks to Yun, Jeremy, and Senshuu! I appreciate the help!
On another note I wanted to update here because I’d really love to keep things alive. Unfortunately, between school work and jobs I have very little time to write or draw these days, so I’ve been trying to sketch and doodle before bed or during class so I can keep my ideas flowing and my hand moving. And this way I can accumulate some stuff to post here. Brilliant.

I’ve been drawing my BlueStreak characters a lot lately………I really wanna color that sketch of Ryan soaring on the guitar, but no time…sigh. And the original header of this layout was going to be animated, but I nixed the idea because I find animated headers to be distracting when they’re not subtle (I wasn’t planning “subtle”) but it included Ryan rockin’ on his guitar as seen in the sketch below.

Ryan is so fun to draw. Well anyhoo, it’s getting late and I’ve got some Majo Saiban to watch! Ikuta Toma is SO SO adorable…I’m so happy he’s in a new show! <3 I’m totally gonna forget about homework for the next hour and just lose myself in Toma-land, haha! Have a great weekend!

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