MUGENO Art Book @ NYAF and Online!

So I just got myself a copy of the coolest art book EVER <3 Mugeno is compiled by Shi Yuan Kuang, and it’s the most professional thing I’ve ever seen with lots of cool art. It features work by very talented artists on Deviantart.

It is currently available at the Artist’s Alley at the New York Anime Festival September 25-27. I totally wish I could be there too…Want to see a sneak peek at all the glamor this book has to offer? You can watch a preview video to get a feel of how truly wonderful this book is. Anime News Network also reviewed the book this month, so be sure to check it out. If you can’t make it to NYAF this weekend, no worries! The book is available for purchase online. Click here to purchase this nifty compilation of art right now. Want to read more about it? Everything you need to know about Mugeno is here in the artist description. Want to get your copy for free? Check out information about the Mugeno Wall. With its glossy pages and high quality artwork, it’s hard to put down. Get your copy today~

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The All New Layout

OMG! A blog! I always wanted a blog! Now I’ve got a Twitter, too! I feel all 21st centuried! I want to treat this like a daily journal…Constantly updating with sketches and thoughts, and you guys get to read it (I’m not sure if that’s a privilege or torture).

So yeah, that’s really all I’ve got to say for now…Other than I’m super exhausted because school is annoying…I think classes should only be allowed to start after noon. I don’t like to get up at the crack of dawn…Not my thing. Here are some super random sketches I doodled while waiting for a car ride.

I really don’t like waiting for car rides. I’m all dressed an ready to go somewhere and then every noise sounds like a car horn, and I keep checking my phone to make sure my ride didn’t call asking me where I am. Yeah, lots of anxiety comes with waiting for people to pick me up.

I feel like I should say a couple of things about the new layout other than that it’s NEW! (yay!) I felt like my other layout was a bit difficult to navigate. I wanted something very clean and sleek and easy to browse. I hope I accomplished that. I’m sorry I don’t have any fun spunky characters in this layout, but I hope you like it anyway. All info can now be easily found in the sidebar to the right. “Update Corner” includes comic updates as well as important other details. You can also keep up with me on Twitter there. Pffft! I have a Twitter…I still can’t get over that…

And now that I don’t have a shoutboard anymore, I have a comments feature instead which is a lot more organized. Now you can leave comments on each post and I can reply to you accordingly. You can even receive e-mails when I reply to you, so you don’t have to come check. (Wait…that is true, right? I haven’t even tried that yet…)

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